Hey Everybody!
It looks like we at FuGlu, Inc. are at the proverbial crossroads and are faced with the age-old dilemna: To rock or not to rock? Sure, there are several other local faves on the scene that claim to rock, but do they? Where are their groupies? Where are the stories of their totally inappropriate behavior, and, most importantly, where are their songs? We're doing our part and need you, the fans, to continue to do yours. So, in 2008 let's up the proverbial ante. Sound good to you? Great! Then stand back, kids, and get ready for "Clamor for the Glamour", the upcoming CD from your good buddies Fugitive Glue! We'll keep you posted...
For those of you who may have a little more time to waste,...ahem....spend, The ever popular Rant Page has been quite popular lately. But be careful, it's not for the faint of heart.

Shout it Out Loud,
FuGlu, Inc.